The products Michelangelo's art and crafts, ceramic or leather, are all handcrafted using high quality raw materials. By purchasing in our Assisi store or from our e-commerce you are guaranteed to get a valuable item of the best Made in Italy tradition.


Handbags, women's and traveling, briefcases, sandals, wallets, belts and other leather accessories offered are the result of experience and age-old tradition of Italian craftsmanship in the field of leather goods and of 'tanning art. Elegant and timeless objects, made according to the processes inherited by leather craftsmen, but adequate for functionality and design, to contemporary needs.
The leathers used are all first choice and processed according to the most ancient traditional methods. The leather is made strictly "vegetable" and worked with passion and craftsmanship, using natural substances that nullify the environmental impact and damage to the scalp vivid colors, warm and authentic.


From production to marketing: the Tomassini family follows every phase of the artistic pottery of Deruta that can be purchased in Assisi in his shop or his e-commerce. Deruta majolica is one of the most prestigious productions of Italian ceramics, blossomed in the period between 1400 and the end of 1600 and it is still famous and appreciated all over the world. It is characterized by different styles like the petal back, the severo, the raffaellesco and the calligrafico, but also complex depictions and portraits. The most common items are ornamental plates, vases and votive plaques. Ceramics Michelangelo art and crafts are produced by three generations in our Deruta factory and are designed and decorated by hand.